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The song ended up covering the air and swelled. After reading the novel "Muslim's Funeral", Chu Yanchao's melodious yet gentle "Liang Zhu" still echoed in my ears, which interpreted how many young men and women love stories. We are so ignorant and naive, we still ca n��t understand true love, but as a bystander, it does not affect my 60-year rise and fall in the book, the Han family, and the warmth and sparks of friction between the characters Send a sincere sigh. Different times, different story clues, but the same ending-people who love each other do not have the final family members like Hai Zi said. Liang Bingyu and Han Ziqi separated for 33 years due to ethical reasons; Han Tianxing and Rong Guifang became frosty because of their parents '"intelligence"; Han Xinyue and Chu Yanchao finally fell in love with the parents' obstruction The new moon left and was buried Marlboro Gold. Those who love each other are always separated, but those who are not loved are together. They are so divorced that they have to say that this is a tragedy! Due to the limitations of the concept of the times, there is nothing wrong with the decision made by Han Ziqi's wife Liang Junxuan, and she cannot escape and break through the age of 25-year-old Han Xiaoxing, a young man, regardless of his family background. Loving the person he loves is acceptable in our present society, and it was absolutely lawless to do that at the time. Mr. Gui, a polite and highly educated young professor, fell in love with someone who was nearly ten years younger than himself and suffered from heart disease and could lose his life at any time. Regardless of external pressure, he resolutely loves her. This persistent pursuit is the true meaning of love, and it is worthy of praise and understanding. And Liang Yubing's thought was too extreme, she thought: I love him, and he loves me too, and we are combined, and things are so simple. As for whether it touches someone else ��s family Wholesale Cigarettes, it has nothing to do with the lives of others. Whether at that time or now, her view of love is to be blamed and spurned. As the heroes have died, the book has repeatedly written about the funeral of Muslims. This is a sigh of the author's death and a note of end to the tragedy of love in a dark society Newport Cigarettes. Deeply sigh! The end of the song is covered, and the gas is irritated, and the sound of the piano lingers around my ears again
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