#1 Give your hair a youthful look von bebelisa12 21.12.2019 06:32

Give your hair a youthful look by adopting the blonde baby, which will give you an ultra healthy look whatever your age. How to succeed and how to maintain it? Follow our advice.

Very light and barely golden, the baby blonde differs from the famous platinum blonde by its very natural and cooler side because it offers almost no yellow reflections. We appreciate it because it allows us a return to capillary childhood and also knows how to be versatile to reveal its more sophisticated side.

Is the blond baby made for me?
We are not going to lie to you, the blonde baby is not recommended for all types of skin tone: it will really highlight clear and very clear skin, and will harmonize all the more with them if you have extra? t blue or gray eyes. It will be able to create an interesting contrast with more matte skin but will then lose its natural side which seduces us so much. However, there are no contraindications for the type of hair: whether it is straight, curly or wavy, you can fall for the blonde baby!

How to succeed?
As you can imagine, everything will depend on your natural hair color real hair wigs to make your baby blonde a success. Lighter shades such as blond and chestnut will have the choice between a tone-on-tone coloring or a sweep which will gradually bring them towards baby blond. How? By lightening ultra fine strands on the half lengths and ends, while keeping the basic color at the root, for a non-uniform and therefore ultra natural result.

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