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It was a winter afternoon and I went back to my hometown from outside and got off the train and took a car. The driver's master had a strong eyebrow, and was about 50 years old, very talkative. We talked and went home with a smile. Provincial roads are being built, and the roads are not easy to walk. When the bridge was repaired, all passing vehicles passed through the south side of the bridge, and a dirt road was opened on the south side of the bridge. The passing vehicles pressed the dirt road to be flat and wide. But the driver master suddenly slowed down and didn't even leave. When I saw the road ahead was wide and there was no traffic jam, why didn't I leave? The driver master said, "Look at the uphill ahead, let's pause for a while. One is to keep a sufficient distance from the car in front to prevent the car in front from slipping down. The other is to temporarily buffer for better throttle. The ground crossed the uphill. "The driver master was right, because with the pause, we passed the uphill safely. Later, I heard that there have been several traffic accidents because of the urgent driving there. I have to admire the wisdom of the driver master: learn to pause, learn to buffer. Colleague Liu Bing is serious and diligent in work. He is a goldsmith when he gets up early. He is greedy in the morning and morning. He is well-known in the unit. He also received advanced awards from his superiors because of his hard work. The stopped machine, but I met Liu Bing while walking and listening to music in the park one weekend. I was surprised and jokingly, you have such a casual time as a desperate Saburo! "Of course, work is so busy So tired, we have to learn to pause, relax ourselves, don't jump that string so tightly, we must have a good degree! "I didn't expect that Liu Bing, who knew nothing about working hard and whispering, could say such philosophical words, and it really made me wake up. Learn to pause, rest and adjust, and start with a better attitude. Yes In this bustling and hustle and bustle fast-paced society, many people are hurried on the road, in full swing and never stop. When I think of traveling in Lijiang, I can see people walking leisurely. Drizzle in the sky, Holding a flower oil umbrella, stepping slowly on a deep path overflowing with slate fragrance, it is so elegant, so fresh, and full of vitality. In the warm afternoon of winter, the old people sit in the doorway of the sun, I talked to him and asked why he was so relaxed and relaxed. The old man smiled leisurely and said: We are all so eager to go and hurried away, then I ask you, what is the end of life? I am so innocent. Do n��t just rush to rush At the end, we must learn to pause to make our lives more colorful. The famous mathematician Su Buqing served as the president of Fudan University in the early 1980s, and was also the Shanghai People's Congress The deputy director of the committee has more than 20 positions and is extremely busy all day. However, in such a complicated task Cheap Cigarettes, Su Buqing will press the pause button in time to mediate himself. On his desk, there is a document on the right There are books and magazines on the left. After reviewing the documents on the right, he pauses and picks up the science magazine on the left Wholesale Cigarettes. Although the telephone and conversation in the office are very noisy, he is still in the realm. No car and noisy. It was precisely because Su Buqing was able to press the pause button very well mokingusacigarettes.com, and devoted himself to studying with the pause time, his monographs such as "Affine Differential Geometry" were successfully released. Press the pause button in time to Our life journey is more rounded and full.
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