#1 make it easy to create exciting look variants von bebelisa12 05.02.2020 09:44

Between the beach and the club, from playful to glamorous - this is precisely what makes the LA BIOSTHETIQUE make-up collection of the season so special: sophisticated details make it easy to create exciting look variants.

Despite the intended "Touch of Glamor", hairstyling remains natural, cool, modern and absolutely wearable. The shape may be slightly voluminous, very playful, soft and flexible - that is, not fixed or static. Very important: the many facets of portability - the hair falls into a look in all directions.

This look, a tiered long bob, seems to have sprung directly from New York's creative scene in the 80s: short on the shoulders, with a straight and soft pony - easy for beach and club at the same time. A smooth and moving texture to a wavy, asymmetrical evening look. Stunning how the bangs emphasize the eye color buy lace wigs uk.
A monochrome melange of richly shiny brown tones, such as macadamia and espresso brown, underlines Danguole's look. Depending on the movement and styling, color reflections enchant with shine and dimension.

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