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St. Louis, MO (SportsNetwork.com) - The St. Louis Blues will have to make do without a pair of key forwards in Thursdays game against the Anaheim Ducks and for the near future. David Backes and T.J. Oshie will be out of the lineup indefinitely due to concussion diagnoses, said Blues head coach Ken Hitchcock. Backes has totaled two goals and three assists in eight games, while Oshie has been limited to one assist in eight appearances thus far. In addition, Hitchcock said that forward Joakim Lindstrom will not play due to a flare-up of a bacterial illness which several members of the Wild and Blues have had to fend off since visiting Anaheim and Los Angeles earlier in the month. O. J. Simpson Jersey . The two were in the batting cage moments before game time. Bautista was taking final warm up cuts. Pillar was hitting soft toss. The one-time utility player turned All-Star pulled aside the clubs young, fourth outfielder and offered him some advice. Jim Kelly Jersey . Felton was in court as the Manhattan district attorneys office outlined the agreement, which would resolve a gun case that arose amid the breakup of his marriage. Hes expected to admit June 30 to at least one charge, attempted criminal possession of a weapon -- he wont have to come to court to do so -- and get a $5,000 fine and 500 hours of community service. http://www.shoptheofficialbills.com/Elit...s-Bills-Jersey/. Keenum will make his first appearance in a regular-season game against the rugged defence of the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium, where the fans just set a Guinness record as the noisiest outdoor stadium in the world. Andre Reed Jersey . He was 40. Firefighters were called about 11 a.m. Friday because Brown was unresponsive at his home near the Inner Harbor, fire spokesman Battalion Chief Kevin Cartwright said. He said Brown was dead when firefighters arrived. Buffalo Bills Jerseys .J. -- After getting permission from his 7-year-old daughter, New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl has retired after an 11-year career that included two Super Bowl championships.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at cmonref@tsn.ca. Hello Kerry, I was wondering if you can clarify why the Minnesota Wilds third goal versus the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday was allowed, or not even reviewed when it clearly didnt cross the goal line. Does the NHL not review all goals, regardless of crossing the line or not? If this would have been reviewed, the OT period would not have been required. Any clarification would be great - always a pleasure reading your side of these questions. First time writer, Roland, Winnipeg --- Hi Kerry, Really enjoy your column, always some great insight into what is happening on questionable plays. I have a question about the Jets/Wild game from Saturday. It seems that after further examination the tying goal that Thomas Vanek tipped, never actually crossed the goal-line as it went post-crossbar and down, but not across the line. It was called a goal, but not reviewed. I thought the War Room looked at every goal, why was this one not reviewed? Everything worked out well for the Jets as they got the win in OT, but it seems the game should never have gone to OT. Thanks, Leslie Mitchnik Roland and Leslie: Every apparent goal is reviewed by a staff member in the Situation Room in Toronto, in addition to the Video Goal Judge on site and must be confirmed as a good goal prior to the next puck drop. A final decision is rendered and then communicated by the Situation Room personnel to the penalty timekeeper at ice level to issue a thumbs up to the referee at centre ice. This is the signal to the ref that a good goal has been determined and he is allowed to drop the puck and resume play. A thumbs up is not issued until there is concrete evidence that the puck entered the net. The quick decision to confirm the tying goal credited to Thomas Vanek as opposed to placing the play under formal review however is somewhat confusing to us based on the broadcast replays that were offered.dddddddddddd A formal review provides additional time within the process to look at every available angle and confirm beyond even the slightest doubt that a valid goal was scored. Replays shown by various camera angles on the Hockey Night Broadcast, in addition to postgame recap on NHL Game Center Live footage create reasonable suspicion (and even a pretty clear impression) that the puck went post to crossbar and straight down onto and ahead of the goal line without ever entering the net as you suggest Leslie. As I watched the Hockey Night in Canada feed I was also surprised that the ever hawkish Gary Galley or the guys in the broadcast truck did not pick up on the iron being struck on their final replay before going back to live action. Conversely, any suspicion that the puck did not enter the net was never mentioned throughout the balance of the game. Perhaps we missed something here Roland and Leslie? What we dont see, and would have if the play was placed under formal review, is the overhead camera shot. Referee Gord Dwyer, in perfect position on the goal line, signaled a goal when he believed that he saw the puck enter the goal underneath the crossbar and then struck the net-cam inside the top of the net. I cant believe that with the sensitivity surrounding goals being scored, the Situation Room did not have irrefutable evidence that the puck entered the net underneath the crossbar in confirmation of what the referee saw. Given our inability to observe the overhead shot, both the referee and the review process deserve the benefit of the doubt as far as Im concerned. It is just unfortunate that the hockey world did not have the opportunity to view the overhead camera in order to remove even the slightest hint of doubt from our minds as to whether the puck entered the net. Perhaps future broadcasts will provide the overhead camera feed whenever it is available for the viewing audience to see as well. 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