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ul, because our thoughts are like a colorless landscape painting. As long as it is slightly polished, it will become very beautiful. We have heard a lot of famous ancient cities, places of interest, but we How many have you really enjoyed it yourself? I have loved traveling since I was a child. I have been to many countries and have enjoyed a lot of scenery. What a beautiful world outside! Colorful, this is my evaluation of the world, the world is colorful, at least in my eyes is colorful, but before I regret that I can not share it with others, but this activity gave me such an opportunity, but also The students have a good opportunity to show that since the beginning of this activity, nearly ten students have introduced their own vacations. Their speeches are very exciting Marlboro Cigarettes, one by one, the experience that makes people shine, a rule The people��s new insights make us feel as if we are there, and I have more speeches to the world. At least the students are quite satisfied. I have prepared for a month. In this month, I seem to It��s a waste of sleep Marlboro Red, and I��ve devoted myself to the production of PPT. Another benefit of this event is that I know how to calm down and do something. This will definitely have a good future for me. influences. The most gratifying thing is that many classmates who didn't dare to express their thoughts in the class were very enthusiastic in this activity. They also expressed their views and shared their opinions. In this way, some introverts were intrinsic. The classmates also become extroverted and become sunny. So, why is this group not sunny? Such activities have brought us too much and benefited us a lot. From such a simple activity, we have a deeper understanding of the world and a deeper understanding of the meaning of our lives. We understand that life is to discover beauty, appreciate beauty, and share beauty. Only in this way can we live a more fulfilling story six: the world in my eyes, the moment when the curtains are opened, in my eyes The world is full of vitality; walking alone on the picturesque tree-lined path, the world in my eyes is a quiet world; in the late autumn, a leaf is falling, the world in my eyes is a poetic world; rainy night, listening to the window The sound of the rain, the world in my eyes is a romantic world; watching the sunset, the world in my eyes is a gorgeous world. The world in my eyes should be a world with autumn rain and leaves. The world in my eyes should have saffron The world in which I see it should be a world with slang words; the world in my eyes should be a starry world; the world in my eyes should be one Full of love and warmth of the world; a world of innocence; the world is a civilized and harmonious. There is no selfishness, because let the young man and the patient volunteers let it not have a place to stay; there is no sin, because the heroic uncle of the police has made it disappear; there is no ugliness, because the fresh air filters the dross in the heart; there is no turmoil, Because the heroic PLA is closely guarding our homeland! Only dedication, only pay, only the bright smile under the flag Marlboro Lights. The world in my eyes is a smart world, a world of music and dance. I heard it - a note with a light blue scent, I saw it - a dance that occupies all vitality. The world in my eyes is a world that is happy because of the ordinary. The old man fishing by the river, the young people reading in the bookstore, the hawkers on the street, the happy hawkers, and the happy children on the swings live a happy life in the ordinary. The world in my eyes is a world of happiness and happiness. The cute children set up the blocks with tender hands, the coolness brought by the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus under the scorching sun in the summer, the sweet midday of the humming, the tears of the wandering home, all the beautiful things and sights in the happy world. The world in the eyes is a world of happiness and happiness. When the peasant uncle looked at the joy of growing a crop, the architect looked at the pride of the majestic building when he was finished. The singer sang his own song and got a round of applause, and the teachers looked at their students with dazzling eyes. The gratitude and joy of the award...
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